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Access Construction and Builder’s Profile

Access Construction produce the Construction Industry’s leading Estimating, Cost Planning and Surveying application, Access ConQuest. Access Construction and Builder’s Profile ‘partner’ to deliver an industry-changing partnership that makes PQQ and Compliance information accessible to over 70% of the UK’s main contractors.

Through Access ConQuest Estimating Software, contractors gain instant access to the Builder’s Profile open-access Common Database for completed and up-to-date PQQ and compliance information. While any vendor maintaining a Builder’s Profile knows it can be seen by every one that uses Access ConQuest. Vendors, subcontractors and suppliers simply create a Builder’s Profile Premium Account to place your vital PQQ & Compliance data right in front of the construction industry people that matter – the estimators, quantity surveyors and buyers.

Access Construction Estimating Users
Simply logon to ConQuest!

Main Contractors
To gain instant access to the open-access Common Database of subcontractor Profiles please eMail Main Contractor Services or call 01305 898792


Over 600 main contractors have access to Premium Profiles through Access ConQuest Estimating Software and Builder’s Profile.

A Premium Profile showcases your company as capable professionals that are qualified to work. Quote your BP account number to your Access Construction main contractor contact, they will easily find your Profile in their system.


To start using Builder’s Profile please click the Create Account button or call 01305 897448.